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Class Descriptions

MMA - Level 1

This class is a great introduction to self-defense. Basic mixed martial arts techniques that are taught include striking with various hand and foot techniques, take-down attacks and defense, grappling, and ground control to protect yourself and your loved ones from various situations. There is always a great mix of students ranging from parents who want the knowledge of self-defense to seasoned athletes who are preparing to compete on a national and international circuit. Our MMA program focuses on the seamless transitions in all the ranges of combat into a unique system of Mixed Martial Arts and self-defense called Total Defense System.

MMA - Level 2

This advanced class is for amateur and professional fighters, as well as the martial arts student who is ready to challenge themselves and prepare for more advanced self-defense situations. There is a lot more opportunity to apply the techniques that are learned in the Level 1 class through live rounds of sparring.

MMA is the fastest growing sport in history and has its sights on becoming a recognized Olympic Sport through Pankration.

We are currently scouting local talent to represent Team Hawaii MMA and Team Hawaii Pankration to compete in National and World Competitions.


Kickboxing utilizes blocking and striking techniques that incorporate punching and kicking from a stand up position. Focus is on proper hand and foot techniques, distance control, and footwork to channel power from your core with a balanced stance. The various kickboxing drills will develop and maximize speed, power, and accuracy.

Safety gear is required when drilling with other students, mitts and pads, and heavy bags.

Bring: mouthguard, cup (males only), boxing gloves, wraps, shin guards, headgear

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai kickboxing utilizes punching, kicking, elbow, and knees. It is important to learn how to appy theses techniques, in order to defend from them. Students are taught the same drills and training methods used by professional Kickboxing and Muay Thai Fighters.

Therefore, the techniques are effective in a

real-life situation.

There is live sparring in this class to apply the skills that are learned. Adults & teens (14 yrs+)

Bring: mouthguard, cup (males only), boxing gloves, wraps, shin guards, headgear

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

BJJ techniques incorporate take-down, grappling, and ground control which includes submissions. You will learn how to defend yourself in a one-on-one situation, if you are on the ground with limited ability to strike. This class teaches you how to defend yourself when you are taken down and attacked on the ground. Warm-ups and stretching will prepare the body for techniques that are taught from various positions such as guard, passing guard, sweeps, escapes and submissions. Class end with students (under supervision) actively sparring (rolling) in Jiu-Jitsu to help ensure proper use of techniques learned.

Dragon Warriors

An introductory to martial arts for children 4-6 years old. There is a great variety of students in this class who range from the active and extroverted child to the shy and introverted child who has a passive personality. This is a great class to give children the first step in developing self-confidence. We can always protect our children by empowering them with the knowledge of self-defense.